Fairland Inverter Plus

The Fairland heat pump, Inverter-plus, is an impressive performance pump powered by an inverter-total compressor and an inverter fan motor which allows for hertz-by-hertz optimization and round by round.


Pollet Water Group InverterPlus 0
- Super energy saving and environmentally friendly
- Super quiet
By maintaining a pool temperature with an average capacity of 50%, an average sound pressure of a pool heat pump the inverter-plus can allow a swimming environment 10 times quieter and a more pleasant neighborhood for those who heat the pool ON /OUT.
- Automatic defrost
- Smooth start
When a pool heat pump Inverter-plus league, the current starts at 0A and slowly rises to the rated current in 2 minutes. It does not affect the electrical system of the house, while the frequent starting current of the ON / OFF heat pump is 5 times the rated current, it is a burden on the electrical system.
- Smartphone APP control remotely (optional)
Capacity up to 160m³
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