What is the perfect temperature for your spa?

21 mar 2023
Ideal Temperature
Ideal Temperature
Having trouble setting the ideal temperature for your spa? To have a comfortable jacuzzi session, you can heat the water in your spa between 37 and 39 degrees Celcius, for adults, allowing you to enjoy it for twenty minutes without any concerns.
The ideal temperature varies from person to person and depends on many factors such as age, health and personal preferences.
Start with a lower temperature, around 36 degrees Celcius, and gradually increase it until it is ideal for your massage without feeling too hot. If after a few minutes you feel like you need to leave the spa and cool down, it means that the temperature is too high for your comfort.
When using the spa with friends or family, take into account the age and health of each one, so that you can set the ideal temperature for everyone.
When should you change the normal configuration of the temperature?
While setting a temperature initially and not messing with it further is convenient, it may not be the most energy-efficient and life-saving for your spa. You may consider lowering the temperature in some cases:

- When exercising inside the spa, yoga or stretching.
- If the outside temperature is high, or if it is very hot due to exercise or illness.
- When having people with you who require a lower temperature
What is the ideal temperature for hydroterapy?
The heat from your spa improves blood circulation, helps with joint flexibility and provides relief from arthritis pain. There are exercises and stretches you can do inside the spa that help with arthritis. To get these benefits, you can set the water temperature to 37 degrees Celcius and, if necessary, increase it according to your comfort.
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